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Home Charging

Stay fully charged with a home charge point

Home EV Charge Points

We supply and install all of these wall-mounted EV chargers.

Each ChargePoint has been carefully selected by our technical team for ease of use, safety, reliability, value for money and vehicle compatibility.

Click on the ChargePoint for more details.

  • SYNC EV BG (Untethered)
  • OHME - ePod
  • OHME - Home Pro
  • Easee - Easee One
  • myenergy (Zappi) - V2
  • SYNC EV BG (Untethered)

    £900.00 Untethered Includes a standard installation*

    • Model - EVS7G-02
    • Power - 7.4Kw
    • Dimensions - 297 x 223 x 121mm
    • Connectivity - Wi-Fi
    • Other Information - Dynamic Load Management, 3 Yr Warranty

    Key Features

    • Full smart functionality - OCPP 1.6J connectivity
    • Earn rewards through Smart Charging on the EV.Energy platform

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    £900.00 Tethered Includes a standard installation

    • Model - EVWC2T7G
    • Power - 7.4Kw
    • Dimensions - 305 x 201 x 115mm
    • Connectivity - Wi-Fi
    • Other Information - 7.5m Type 2 cable, Dynamic Load Management, 3 Yr Warranty

    Key Features

    • Powered by MONTA
    • Interchangeable face plates available to personalise your charge point

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  • OHME - ePod

    £950.00 Untethered Includes a standard installation

    • Model - ePod
    • Power - 7.4Kw
    • Dimensions - 230 x 140 x 100mm
    • Connectivity - 4G
    • Other Information - Dynamic Load Management, 3 Yr Warranty

    Key Features

    • Integrates with your EV tariff to charge at the cheapest times
    • Control your charge through the trusted app

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  • OHME - Home Pro

    £995.00 Tethered Includes a standard installation

    • Model - Home Pro
    • Power - 7.4Kw
    • Dimensions - 170 x 200 x 100mm
    • Connectivity - 4G
    • Other Information - Dynamic Load Management, 3 Yr Warranty

    Key Features

    • Integrates with your EV tariff to charge at the cheapest times
    • Control your charge through the interactive LCD screen or trusted app
    • 5m - Type 2 Cable (8m available at extra cost)

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  • Easee - Easee One

    project ev

    £1,025.00 Untethered Includes a standard installation

    • Model - Easee One
    • Power - 7.36Kw
    • Dimensions - 256 x 193 x 106
    • Connectivity - 4G & Wi-Fi
    • Other Information - 3 Yr Warranty

    Key Features

    • Upto 3 chargers from the original installation (Daisy chain each charger)
    • LED lights indicate charging status
    • Control through smart phone app

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    project ev

    £1,150.00 Tethered Includes a standard installation

    • Model - Home 3.0 Pro
    • Power - 7.4Kw
    • Dimensions - 328 x 243 x 101mm
    • Connectivity - WiFi or Ethernet
    • Other Information - 5m cable (7.5m/10m available), solar compatible, 3 Yr Warranty

    Key Features

    • Charge Anytime available if you have a compatible EV. OVO are working on making their low rates available for everyone with a Hypervolt Home 3 Pro from early 2024.
    • IP66 rating ensures the charger can withstand jetting water streams and is dust-tight. It also has impact protection rating of IK10, meaning it is resistant to vandalism and blunt impacts.

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  • myenergy (Zappi) - V2

    project ev

    £1,175.00 Untethered / £1,200.00 Tethered  Includes a standard installation

    • Model - Zappi - V2.1
    • Power - 7Kw
    • Dimensions - 439 x 282 x 122mm
    • Connectivity - N/A
    • Other Information - Solar compatible, Dynamic Load Management, 3 Yr Warranty

    Key Features

    • Three charging modes - Eco, Eco+, and Fast. Eco saves on energy bills.
    • Programmable timer function and pin-code lock
    • Graphical backlit LCD screen

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How to choose a home EV charger

When it comes to choosing an electric vehicle charger, there’s lots to consider:

  1. Are you looking for a socket or tethered charge point?
  2. Do you have a strong Wi-Fi connection where the charge point will be located?
  3. Do you need the charge point to integrate with tariffs such as Octopus Intelligent Go or OVO Charge?
  4. Do you have solar panels?

The good news is our friendly and knowledgeable team is here to help you make an informed decision.

podpoint twin charger

EV charging in a flash

Charging your electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle through a home chargepoint is quick, safe and easy. No more queueing at the petrol station, simply pull up and plug in!

With the convenience of a home EV charger, you can programme your car or van to charge overnight and benefit from cheaper electricity tariffs as well as helping to reduce demand on the grid. That’s a lot of green credentials.

Book a home electric car charger installation

Pick up the phone or complete our online form. We’ll do the rest!

  1. Get in touch with our friendly installations team. Ask us questions and chat through the options available.
  2. Complete our simple online survey that captures all the information we need to gather for your installation. We are always on hand if you need any assistance completing the form.
  3. Installation day! From booking to install, we’ll keep in regular contact to confirm all the arrangements. Once installed, your engineer will explain how your EV charging station works and demonstrate how to charge your vehicle.

All that’s left to do is plug in and plan your next adventure!

Fill out your details:

Let us know a few details to get an accurate quote.  We will send you a survey and a member of our team will contact you shortly.  It will only take 2 minutes!

FAQ - Domestic EV Installations

  • How quickly can you install a EV charger at my house?

    We can install your EV charger within 5 days subject to your network operator approval.

    Our simple to use survey will guide you through the process of applying for the £350 government grant.
    Subject to network operator approval we can supply and install your charger within 5 working days.

  • Will the engineer need access to my property on installation day?

    Yes, they will need to access the mains distribution board/electricity meter inside your property.

  • What is Active Load Management?

    Active Load Management protects the main cut out fuse at your property.  We fit a CT sensor over the main incoming power feed into the property.

    Once installed and configured, the charger monitors this consumption in real-time. In the event that charging would cause you to exceed the pre-set limit (usually 60amp), it automatically reduces the EV charging rate in order to protect your electrical wiring and avoid blowing the fuse in your meter whilst continuing to charge your vehicle.

  • How long does it take to install a home EV charge point?

    Most domestic installations take between 2-3 hours.

  • What will happen on the day of installation?

    Our installer will help choose the best position for your charger and will then fix the charger to an exterior wall by drilling into the wall. The mains power supply will need to be switched off briefly in order to install the RCBO (Residual current operated Circuit Breaker with Overcurrent protection) and connect it to the mains supply. Once the installation is complete our engineer will provide a full demonstration on how to use the charger and the engineer will require a sign off signature.

  • I am moving house. Can you arrange for an engineer to move my EV charger to my new property?

    Yes, we can arrange for an engineer to move your existing vehicle chargepoint to a new property, however you cannot apply for a grant to cover the cost of moving an existing chargepoint.

  • How do you get the cable to go outside my property? Will you have to drill through walls?

    Our installer will need to drill a hole around 20mm in diameter and connect the cable to your mains distribution board/electricity supply meter. The cable will be neatly clipped to the wall between the distribution board and the ChargePoint.

  • How do home electric car chargers work?

    You can charge your electric car at any time of day and as often as you need to. It’s not always necessary to charge your car daily but drivers often choose to charge their car overnight. Overnight charging means you might be able to take advantage of cheaper off peak electricity rates and that your car is fully charged ready for the day ahead. You do not need to unplug once the battery is full, charging will stop automatically.

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